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Website Reseller Program

When you sign up for the Website Reseller Program you will receive a website builder and hosting plan to create and host your own website (or if you already have a website you can just place the 'order now' links on your current website), email addresses and links for your customers to purchase the website builder plan, all you have to do is sit back and earn your commission of 20% for each website builder plan that you sell.

You also continue to receive commission each time a web plan is renewed

You can sign up for our Website Reseller Program at the link below, this will allow you to sell the website builder on your own website and earn 20% commission for each plan that you sell, once you sign up we will allow you to copy areas of our own website to use on your website.

The reseller affiliates program has a sign up fee of €39.99, included in this price is a 5 page website, we will provide links to be featured on the website for you to offer website builder plans (you are not obliged to use our website builder to create your website and if you prefer you can create your website using any other method and the sign up fee will not apply) The only other cost would be your domain name

Click here to sign up for the Website Reseller Program